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You like to plan your school year with a real paper diary, planner, journal, calendar, or notebook, but you aren't looking for fussy designs that don't adapt to your way of working.

Meet the planning range designed for and by teachers, with just the right balance between form and function.

The Teacher's Weekly range boasts delightfully smooth paper, and just enough colour to enhance your own unique approach. Now with free downloadable cover options!

Hand-written notes meet digital convenience: check out our range of interactive digital planners.

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Easy to use

Simple and easy to use.

9000Y | Teacher's Weekly Bare Essentials Undated Planner

Fast Prompt Service

I received by school diary in record time so I could start the year prepared. It is the diary I usually use, as I like the formatting. Thank you

Plan the day, view the week

I like the format. I wouldn't mind notes pages after each week. I know that this would make ti bigger, but would help keep meeting notes close to the week it happened. Just a thought.

Great idea! We’ll forward it to our product review team.