CD: Basic Skills, Literacy, Year 3

CD: Basic Skills, Literacy, Year 3

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Mastering Stage 2

Standardised test style work sheets with multiple uses! Includes student activities, answers, record charts. Print out the pages for your students, or allow students to work directly in the interactive pdf and check their own answers by hovering over the multiple choice bullets.

What This Resource Is Not

It is NOT a series of standardised practice tests, nor is it a course in sitting standardised tests.

What This Resource Is

This resource is a series of topic focused exercises and supporting texts to assist student mastery of the various aspects of literacy as covered by the curriculum. They are designed to assist the teacher in facilitating, evaluating, and remediating student mastery. These exercises are also designed to help the student with self teaching and self mastery. Both teacher and student can use the exercises and charts to monitor progress, identify areas needing focus, chart and share successes.




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