Masks of the World

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Explore cultures of the world through masks! Includes brief informational text within the border of each mask design. ER-1818

Includes: Africa Congo, Africa, Africa Nigeria, Aztec, Carnival Columbina, China Dragon Mask, China Lion Mask, Egypt Anubis, Greek Comedy/Tragedy masks, Goli Kplekple, Harlequin Joker, India Demon, India Durga, Indonesia Barong, Indonesia Rangda, Japanese Noh, Mexico Day of the Dead, Mummers, Tunghak, Oruro Diablada, Papua New Guinea Tubuan, Pierrot, Into Raymi, Thai Khon Demon, Thai Khon Monkey, Tibet, Torres Strait Island, Vanuatu, Venetian.


ER - 1818



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