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Please read this description carefully through to the end and ask us any questions you may have before purchasing, to determine whether or not this item will meet your needs. There are no refunds on digital items.

Although the Teacher's Weekly was designed specifically by and for Australian teachers, it also works beautifully for teachers in other countries. Use this book year after year! No need to purchase a new one when the old one is full; simply import a fresh copy and rename for the new year. You can duplicate any page in the book if you find there are not enough, without breaking the navigation system.

Choose from a perfect bound or wire bound digital effect in the centre of each spread: both will be included with your purchase.

We recommend the GoodNotes app on the iPad (with Apple Pencil) for a great digital planning experience. Other notes apps also work well — for us, Notability comes a close second. Please do the appropriate research to see if your app and device work well with interactive PDF documents.

Please note that this planner is NOT a printable: it is for digital planning only. Teacher's Weekly printables are also available: click here.

Included in the digital planner are nine tabbed sections, each clickable from any page, and each with its own fully linked index. Write your descriptions for each page within the various sections, for instant access to your most important notes! As long as you keep your index pages up to date, nothing can get lost in this 342-page planner (171 spreads).


Here you will find a handy year-overview page, with all 12 months in one view. Our signature perpetual calendar is now even more useful: each of the 14 base calendars is linked to a double-page spread containing an enlarged version of the calendar, plus a lined page for notes. Each of the 200 years is hyperlinked to its corresponding year spread, and there's a handy 'Back to summary page' link for easy navigation back and forth. [FYI: The Perpetual Calendar is also available as a stand-alone item.]



Four timetable pages (2 spreads) to plan out your schedule, plus four 11 week term overview pages.



This year's key outcomes, term overview by topic [grid], and ten subject/topic overview pages.


Forty-four weekly spreads. You can add extra spreads by duplicating the last week, but bear in mind that the extra pages won't be hyperlinked. This weekly layout is deceptively simple—refined over the last 25 years, so we know it works! Check out the reviews to read what other teachers have to say.



Ten assessment matrix pages make it easy to keep track of almost anything. Write or type your students' names out once, and then copy and paste to the next page as needed.



Exclusive to the digital version of the planner, 40 student record sheets! Also includes a class birthday list. Write the name of each student on the index page, and it will link to the flexible full-page planning and record-spread for that student. Great for setting learning goals, and for recording interactions with parents.



Twenty linked lined pages and 20 linked grid pages. Great for meeting notes, class seating plans.


Blank section

Twenty linked blank pages for notes, mind-maps, sketches, soft-copies of school procedures.



Sixteen blank pages ready to receive the stickers we've included (copy over only the ones you need), or the digital stickers you already own or have made yourself. Use the index page to jump to each page instantly.



  • Teacher's Weekly planner, undated (Interactive PDF file ready to be imported into your notes app) — able to be used year after year
  • A separate sticker book in GoodNotes format with over 150 individual transparent stickers already placed, ready to copy into your planner
  • Sticker sheets (transparent background) containing many more stickers than currently available with the paper copy of the Teacher's Weekly
  • Each sticker (more than 1000) as a separate png file with transparent background, including pre-formatted dates suitable for any year
  • Alternate covers (14) to give your planner a fresh new look (link inside the front cover of the digital planner)


When purchasing this planner, you will receive a digital download: no physical item will be sent. Please ensure that the format, layout, and content of this item is suitable for your needs before purchasing, as no refunds will be given for digital products. That said, if any defects are found in any of my digital products, I will correct and update them free of charge.
This planner and accompanying files are for personal use only. Please do not resell or give away copies of anything you buy from my store.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this digital book, so please send us a message if something isn't clear. Questions regarding how to use your chosen notes app should be directed to the app manufacturer.

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When available, use the drop-down list above to choose from digital [PDF] or hardcopy formats.


  • • Significant savings on the hardcopy purchase price
  • • Always in stock!
  • • Ability to print at different sizes
  • • Easier to store 
  • • Display on a smartboard or include in PowerPoint presentations (crediting the publisher)
  • • Reprint if the originals become soiled or creased

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Note: some titles are only available in one format, and should be considered hardcopy unless specified as a digital download.

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