Shapes Posters 2D PDF download

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Set of 8 x A3 posters showing basic geometric 2D shapes. ER-0263PE

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Why buy digital posters? The advantages over hardcopy posters include a cheaper purchase price, and the ability to print your posters at different sizes—no need to stick to A3; why not try printing them at A4 or smaller, or several on one sheet? You can display your digital posters on a smartboard, and use them in PowerPoint presentations (crediting the author). Storing digital posters is a lot easier than finding room to store hardcopy posters that aren't in current use. Best of all, you can reprint if the originals become soiled or creased!

Click here to read digital license terms. This poster set can also be purchased in hardcopy format from your local school supply store.

ER - 0263 PE




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