Shapes Posters 3D, PDF

  • $13.95

Set of 8 brightly coloured A3 digital posters, clearly showing the structure of common 3D shapes through cheerful and engaging characters.

This is a digital product only.

The download contains all posters in one PDF file, with instructions for converting to other formats in the Read Me document. After purchase you will receive a download link via email. Ideal for displaying on interactive white boards, or you may print your own hard copy. 



You (the original purchaser) are welcome to display one copy of these posters in either digital or printed form at whatever size best suits your needs. If your printed copy becomes damaged, you have permission to print a replacement after destroying the damaged original. Please don't make multiple copies to store or to give to others or for any other reason.


These posters may also be ordered from your local school supply store as a printed set for $24.95



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